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Circus maxima

Petition now passing 24k in just 4 weeks!

Circus maxima

Intensive grouse moor management should actually be called industrial scaled habitat destruction. Has anyone ever seen muirburn done in a way that conforms with the official code? Yet we still fork out millions to the landowners in agri-subsidies that are dependant on the landowners complying with the code! The dept of agriculture turns a blind eye.

Grouse sold for the table are toxic with lead, how does this get past food standards? They don't get tested, the agency turns a blind eye.

Les Wallace

Tim Baynes trotting out the predictable, tired clichés that he tries to use in the place of any informed comment or intelligent discussion. Leeds University's EMBER report showed how bad grouse moors are for water quality, Andy Wightman and others have poured a lot of cold water on claims regarding the importance of driven grouse shooting to rural economies - seasonal poorly paid jobs the locals should be damned grateful for! Then of course the growth of eco tourism which the traditional estates try to ignore. Well done Mark Avery everyone needs to sign his petition.

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