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Alastair Lings

I don't think Hargreaves are looking for a "handout". They have no obligation to mine coal or to restore any opencasts.

If there is a carbon tax exemption for mining at orphaned sites this will improve the viability of mining and allow restoration work to proceed, at no direct cost to taxpayers. Obviously the mining and restoration plans needs to be agreed.

If no exemption is given, there may be no mining, and all restoration will have to be funded by taxpayers.

I would have thought the decision was very simple. Unfortunately the UK Government has been appallingly slow in reaching a decision on the proposed exemption, the coal price has dropped, and the mining/restoration proposals may not now be viable.

There will be no increase in carbon emissions as a result of the proposed exemption, as power stations will have the opportunity to burn UK coal rather than coal from Russia, Columbia or the USA.

Greta Roberts

How can a failing industry be sustained sustainably if Hargreaves was to be allowed to dig yet more holes, when there are 2000 hectares of total dereliction yet to be restored, just in East Ayrshire.
The figures cannot add up when markets for coal are declining in the UK and restoration costs make extraction of coal uneconomic as coal's selling price would have to be doubled.
The Scottish Government Ministers & officials are still putting their heads in the sand...(perhaps flooded o/c voids would be more appropriate) as regards to climate change & carbon emissions.
Coal is no longer King, though there is clearly strong lobbying for a handout.

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