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The Duke of Buccleuch has a cheek. He is the largest landlord (most land) yet he doesn't even put his name to his estate. instead shares in the estate are owned by 4 Edinburgh lawyers. A shell company that lets him hide his wealth from the tax man. He gets various subsidies from the tax payer but doesn't believe he should pay tax properly for his wealth. Then he has the audacity to go to the press and make a moral case for feudal elites monopolising land their ancestors stole from the people of Scotland and the UK. You couldn't make it up. Scotland has the most concentrated land ownership patterns in the developed world. Everywhere else stopped their aristocratic elites monopolising the land, mostly, centuries ago.

Anita Stewart

Stop subsidising the wealthy landlords


1. Stop subsidising the big land owners. They are wealthy, let them pay out of their own pockets.

2. It's time we had a Land Tax on big holdings. It works in Australia to prevent land blocking and it would help here.

No welfare for the wealthy!

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