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He's an inexperience sailor who hasn't even passed his submarine qualification. He won't know the workings of a submarine or how experienced the crew are! A sub is a machine, like any machine it has breakdowns. The crew are professional hard working people who dedicate years of their lives to patrol our shores and keep us safe. William has let his team down and no one will ever trust him again!

lord Roger Lowrey

How is he a whistleblower if he tells us the truth about what's going on let the mam go without him the lie would continue, unabated
So why isn't someone arrested for the lies ?

Splash C

Wow I must say I'm not surprised with a few of those points after having worked on Plymouth Dockyard with various ships and submarines. I had access to alot of things that I shouldn't have had access to but because I had "Security" checks done I was allowed to do work in various sections. Before I had been fully checked with security background checks I was allowed on these vessels. I had a red pass which meant I had to be escorted the whole time in the first few months or so but in those first few months I could have been anyone and caused all sorts of trouble. I worked with many submariners who were pissed off with the job, it was either long shifts or to do with places they were put up when away in other countries. There is a list of things wrong which can change a submariners thought process. One incident included a drunk submariner riding in the dockyard on his motorbike and causing a fight on board. He wasnt mentally stable and I found out later he was sent somewhere to get his head straight and he was probably kicked out. I never let a person past without proper ID, but I later found out many civilian security chaps were very lax about it. Correct me if I am wrong but don't you get more of an incentive in pay to become a submariner compared to a surface ship placement? I for one would never recommend a career in the navy and that is just from working along side submariners and surface ship staff who often say abit more than they should when you get to know them. Well thats my 2 pence worth of words combined to make sentences....

Jack Tar

He's in line for a whole lot of hurt!

Blaithin Helferty

Well done to you and Will. I'm very proud to know that there are still people out here who are always trying to make the world a better place. Any of these previous comments of people complaining about the good work he has done are people who have worked in this industry far too long and have been brainwashed into thinking this way. They are the Superman that Will is fighting.
Security is an extremely important thing and in conclusion, that's what his report is all about. You never know how much of a disaster will happen until it actually happens. What Will is doing by releasing this report is warning people so we can act now. Investigate and change.

Paul Holman

You and your "source" are a disgrace. Endex

A concerned citezen

I have read his report, I'm also a submariner. This young sailors report reads like the document it is, the ramblings of an ill educated extremely young trainee who should have been better schooled in the ways of obeying the official secrets act that he signed. On a separate note anyone with a decent education would have seen this report for what it is which immediately calls into question the credentials and credibility of any reporter or news medium willing to give this poor kid what he thinks he wants (air time and Prison). He will go to prison, we will all forget about him and our lives will go on. As a responsible adult you (the reporter) should have refused to give this any of your time thus saving this kid from his now inevitable future. You should be ashamed of yourself.


After serving 37 years in the armed forces, and reading the above list of things that are supposedly to have gone wrong on board the submarine, most of those are minor incidents that would happen on board a ship or submarine almost every day. That's why you have a ships company to maintain and put things right that can go wrong. A huge vessel, such as a nuclear submarine, is the equivalent of a factory on dry land and requires continual maintenance as part of it's normal every day use. REMEMBER the ships officers on nuclear submarines are top men, with families, children, they aren't idiots, and they would not take a ship to sea that put their own lives at risk. As for McNeilly himself, he is so junior, he probably wouldn't know the difference between the Stern and the Bows of the submarine or which was Port and Starboard. He sounds to me like a young, inexperienced seamen, who is disaffected by his service so far, not enjoying it, and has a gripe.
Mind you that won't stop MPs who have probably never had a proper job, and are totally lacking in any form of military service, from jumping on the bandwagon and trying to crucify our Senior Service.


6 months are is joking. He'll get years


submarines never went to sea unless they were completely safe. - well, they would say that wouldn't they?

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