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Peter William Martin

I complained about toxic carcinogenic oil vapours I was forced to inhale when I was working inside the nuclear industry. Straight after that I was dragged in front of 9 managers and accused of being against the nuclear programme. They sacked me. That was in 1980, since that time I have been constantly terrorised, blacklisted and am now nearly a cripple as a result.
Full story go to my blog: cia and britains secret death squads


Thank You For Your Report & Also Reported Every Civilian Nuclear Power Station So Too The Next Nuclear Incident Is A Mathematical Certainty Due To Failure Analysis Not To Mention If You Have Half A Brain You Would Know How To Put One Of These Plants Write Up Everybody's Ass Without Even Going On The Property And I'll Just Keep That To Myself Unless Somebody Wants To Pay Me For A Consult After All That's My Profession Worked For The Government Three Times Quit The Government Three Times Morons Greed Driven Lies Using Technology Against Us All The Agencies EPA DOE DOD DOA NSA CIA FDA THEY'RE All Lapdogs For Industry And The Corporate Government We're Only Thing That Matters Is The Bottom-Line Whether You Kill People Or The Planet Doesn't Matter Damn Fools

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