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Write to the Ralph Percy at Alnwick castle, telling him something that he clearly doesn't know; that he's a champion wanker and an anachronistic toff who should be hung in the market square.


omg how dreadful..I am so upset about there is a link to sign

David Bennett

I'll try again. What I meant to write was:

Is there a case to put that the reason the hares are in decline is because of shoots every year or over a number of years?

David Bennett

It seems it is not the first year that this cull has been done or done in such numbers on at least on one estate - according to the spokeswoman for the Duke of Northumberland whom you quoted as saying that the bag was not exceptional.

Is there a case to put that the reason the hares are in decline is not because of shoots every year or over a number of years?

I wonder what the estimate is of the total hare population?


Disgusting..."aristocratic landowners" are the rednecks of Europe.

Sue Fryer

So they think that killing the hares will stop the spread of disease to the grouse? Heaven forbid that they won't have enough grouse for the barbaric b*'*'*'s to slaughter as well! Turn the guns on the hunters and slaughter them instead - much more sporting and cost effective

Christiine Knowler

It leaves me speechless that one creature can be killed to 'save' another only for that to be killed. Too many wild animals are killed in the name of 'sport' for a very few people to enjoy. I would rather see hares and birds of prey in the countryside than grouse or pheasants being bred for enjoyment.

Mike Gillett

"The large-scale culling of mountain hares is not illegal, though they are a protected species" .... if this is what happens to protected species, what chance has wildlife got ?

Nicholas Foster

It's nothing short of disgusting and just goes to show how low these people will stoop in their pursuit of their so-called "SPORT". If these people are allowed to continue murdering our wildlife at this rate then soon there will be nothing left.

It's high time there was a total ban on the outdated Victorian era Red Grouse shoots on the estates, then at least the wildlife and the moorland environment may have a chance to recover.

Fi Goldsmith

Killing for the sake of killing...disgraceful. Taking a life is not a sport, there is no place for this primitive behavior in the 21st century.

Richard Green

Spotting wildlife is a joy for me and I find it disturbing that others see wildlife as a disposable commodity to be wasted in pursuit of so called sport. More should be done to conserve a whole range of species creating a natural balance instead of inhumane traps,poisons,shotguns etc. When I walk in local woodland apart from the odd small bird all I see and hear are hundreds of vulnerable semi tame Pheasants running about until the day arrives when a convoy of 4x4,s arrive ploughing through the terrain like an army of desert terrorists carrying Dogs and shotguns, to blast these hapless creatures to pieces. Sadly many call this sport and enjoyment.

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