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Dredging did a lot of damage to marine life in my country. One of main problem here in Philippines is flooding. In line with this, authorities dredged rivers and destroyed marine lives.

B Carter

As a sports diver I have seen the damage done to the sea bed by scallop dredgers.
Everything is killed & the area looks like a ploughed field.
Any MPA should, as a very minimum ban dredging of any kind, or limit it to very specific areas and times of the year.

Jason Hall-Spencer

Check out this video of scallop dredges being towed in the Clyde and see what you reckon. We decided it ranked as one of the most destructive ways of fishing in the world, not as bad as dynamite fishing granted.

Jason Hall-Spencer, Professor of Marine Biology, Plymouth University.

Circus maxima

So does that mean that Lochhead has got scientific survey results which proves that repeated trawl dredging does not cause damage??...... he might just be in line for a Nobel "imagination".

These sites are token gestures designed to make the government look as if they are meeting at their international obligations.....without restricting the fishermen in any way. Sorry minister we want protected sites that are protected you have failed the environment again.

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