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Theresa Ritchie

This is a strange article.

I am a volunteer for an environmental group in Peterhead and was initially angry when I read this article. The Lido in Peterhead is named in the 'Dirty Beaches'article and won the Blue Flag award again this year. I was horrified to read that although we are not in the 'poor' category, we are in the 'sufficient' one in the prediction for 2015. We looked at previous years' SEPA figures and found that the Lido when last tested on 14 June 2014 came out well within the Guideline Standard and is counted as Good.

Why on earth print such a misleading article with a clearly alarmist headline? Are these awards worthless or are they not? Is the water quality good or not? I am still waiting for SEPA to reply to two requests for them to get in touch with our group regarding the marine litter getting dumped into Peterhead Harbour. We want to keep on improving the Lido in Peterhead but we need some kind of clear direction as to how to tackle the offending Fish Processors and Fishing Vessels who pollute the beach we clean up almost daily. The majority of litter we big up and haul out of the water comes from local companies and includes fish boxes, rope, thousands of cut-offs from nets, rubber and polythene gloves, boots, aprons, hats, sheets of paper used for layering fish(hundreds a month). When the weather is unusually sunny or warm we pick up their empty drinks bottles and sandwich plastic.... it all comes floating out into the bay.

I am happy to say the sand, the rocks and the dunes are in great condition at the Lido Peterhead as are the surrounding car parks and play areas but only because of volunteers. Now surely someone can clarify the water quality situation for once and for all?

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