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Bill Innes

Trading on people's scientific ignorance again There is probably more radiation from our own granite rocks in places like Aberdeen than is likely to come from FAslane.


another example of Westminster and the MOD shifting the goalposts to suit their own agenda regardless of the risk to human life. The sooner we get rid of the MO(B) the better- their contempt for people in Scotland is blatant. How can we trust them in any shape or form after the revelations exposed during this YES campaign? Anyone who forsakes their children's future and health by voting to remain within the corrupt Union seriously need their head looked.


Get them to leave our country. And get a nuke team in and check the whole place out. Any pollution detected bill them, and what ever it costs , we be deducted from the debt or the assets.

Les Wilson

Makes you wonder if the MOD are scared something might come to light after a YES vote and are safeguarding English companies from the backlash.
Is the timing of this potentially damaging decision a coincidence? I do not think so, after all the years they have used Faslane, why now?
It has me concerned something is afoot, as you cannot trust the MOD nor Westminster.

Elaine Gunn

Disgraceful! In fact I think the word disgraceful falls short - particularly given that the same government refused *only last month* to underwrite insurance for independent midwives. This government would literally rather insure bombs than babies.

Brett Lee Turton

Indemnus, non compos mentis!

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