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Rob Edwards

The evidence of the tenfold increase is in the Radiation in Food and Environment (RIFE) reports published annually by Sepa and other regulators. They are available here:

And I reported on this here:


When you say "official figures showing a tenfold rise in emissions due to the incident", where is the proof of this link? Where has it been shown that this increase (well within safety limits and actually the result of a controlled venting in order to test emissions in the first place) was the result of the leak into the closed cooling system of the Vulcan?

Fred Dawson

This is the same MOD who caused the radioactive contamination of the beach at Dalgety Bay and still after 20 or more years deny liability

Fred Dawson

Is the Scottish government was serious about the MOD and environmental safety it would be taking immediate steps to make the Radioactive Substances Act apply to the MOD. The Scottish government has the power to do this as environment is a devolved area of responsibility

Fred Dawson

A key thing to note is that the Radioactive Substances Act which SEPA enforce has been diss-applied to the MOD. This being the case SEPA has little if any power to Regulate the MOD. The MOU between MOD and SEPA is nothing more than a"gentleman's agreement" which the MOD can ignore if it wishes. It should also be noted the Nuclear Installations Act which requires the licensing of civil reactors by the ONR does not apply to the MOD.

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