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John Revie

I agree with Fred. Not sure that INES Level 0 is correct for fission products leaking into the primary cooling circuit, but still a relatively minor event in reactor safety terms. Not so good if you are in a submarine I suppose.

Other significant PWR2 safety case shortfalls now seem to have emerged (but not been reported). Not sure this would be such a low level incident were it ever to be put into the public domain by the MOD. Looks like this reactor falls well short of current standards, and begs the question - why is it still operating?

Am I right that there is no formal reporting mechanism to Holyrood Ministers for nuclear safety related matters - either military or civil? Not that I would want them to have responsibility for such matters. Their 'posturing' over this relatively minor event is bad enough.

Fred Dawson

This incident shows an institutional lack of transparency in how the MOD deals with the Parliament and the public. The MOD has shown a complete inability to grasp the need to keep all stakeholders (public Regulators and Parliament) informed as an when incidents happen. It also raises the question how many other incidents have been swept under the carpet.

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