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Iris Jarrett

I should like to have clarified exactly what is put into the food of the chickens reared in such a highly unnatural fashion. is it true that they are fed routine antibiotics and some it is said are even fed anti depressants. And there is a demand for this? Do people know or care what they put into their bodies? Do they really want to have eaten sadness and suffering and pain the form of a little body. Me ,you couldn't force me to eat one of these chickens.

Iris Jarrett

how miserable it is to have to live in the vicinity of this vile system . This used to be a rural are and the inhabitants naturally prefer to still think of it as idyllic and rural but I look up at peacehill farm and see the obscenely large sheds , which I consider prison camps for chickens. and certainly not chicken pubs after a rugby match . Endless suffering for the chickens mercifully short for each one. but endless for the residents are the vile stenches and burning smells that emit frequently from these ghastly enterprises. Many local noses have become inured but not mine. And I am rather afraid that this hellish unnatural system releases bio hazards into the air which must be at all times contaminated.

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