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mr i. c green

We have a new elite flexing their muscles, get informed and beat them at their own game the hunters eventually will become the hunted. They only have (perceived) power if you dont stick together to combat such evildoings. Blood thirsty robots. Amen.

Jason Alexander

Gamekeepers wiping out mountain hares, poisoning raptors and yes wildcats, farming = crofting rep's demanding white tailed eagle cull and now fishermen rep comparing agric ploughing with trawling the sea floor - all selfish, misinformed and all lacking even basic ecological knowledge

Circus maxima

The Fishermen are aware that Agriculture is subject to the Environmental Impact regulations aren't they?... if they were also subject to the same "privilege" that would mean that the conversion of unimproved seas to "fishery production" would require the production of an EIA? Every time they went to sea.

Are they also aware how little "planning protection" now remains for agriculture?

As somebody who detests the way the marine ecosystem has been destroyed I would be happy to see the self interested exploiters brought under the same level of control.

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