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Ruth Miller

Well said Stuart and Jason. It's about time gamekeepers and farmers woke up from past times and joined the 21st century! It's human interferace that has caused nature imbalance so leave the animals alone for once and they will sort themselves out. These antiquated attitudes of farmers and gamekeepers need to be squashed once and for all !!

Stuart MacKenzie

The sea eagle's preferred diet is fish, but it will also eat rabbit, hare and carrion. A compensation progam is in place for farmers who have shown evidence that their lambs were killed by a sea eagle, but the only times such compensation has been claimed has been on high ground in winter where the lamb was just as likely to have succumbed to the harsh climate conditions (which kills far more lambs in Scotland than any predator) and the sea eagle merely fed on its already dead carcass.

In the case of the pine marten, that is a species that is only now starting to make a recovery in Scotland. They are strictly inhabitants of pine woodland and will not impact on red grouse numbers, which prefer open moorland. There is growing evidence that pine marten are helping reduce grey squirrel numbers, as greys feed on the forest floor more often than reds, thereby making themselves more susceptible to being preyed upon by pine marten, so the pine marten is in effect helping reduce the spread of squirrel pox virus (SQPV), a disease which is harmlss to grey squirrels but deadly to reds, and which could decimate our Highland red squirrel population if it spreads from the central belt, where the disease was recorded in the later half of last year.

Scotland's biodiversity has already suffered greatly from the eradication of predators like the wolf in the last few centuries, and we are still paying the price for the ecological imbalance that has resulted from that; the gradual fragmentation and dwindling forests due to the resulting explosion in deer population for example. The job of conservationists in this case is to repar the damage that has already done, but the likes of the Donnie Ross and George Macdonald care little for learning the lessons of the past or for the consequences faced by future generations.

Jason Alexander

You could not make this up, a call to wipe out pine marten & sea eagles by gamekeepers - SGA. Confirms what we all know already SGA are anti conservation and ecologically illiterate

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