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Unconvinced Cumnock

The uncensored report published in The Kilmarnock Standard, despite every effort of East Ayrshire Council to prevent it being published shows a catastrophic and systematic failure of management within the Planning Dept by the Head of Planning and in particular the appointment of personnel who were not capable of doing the work they were designated to do. One wonders about the Head of Plannings capabilities.
A formal investigation is taking place but bet your bottom dollar the blame will be placed on the two individuals who have since left the authority as they are easy meat and cannot now be disciplined whilst the main culprit , the Head of Planning will get a smack over the fingers and continue in his position that he is clearly not capable of administering.
The report prepared buy Jim McKinnon clearly identifies where the failures occurred and who failed in their duty. For the Chief Executive to state that outcome of the investigation should not be prejudged is laughable. Read the independent report it identifies who what and where.
Got the feeling a whitewash is about to happen but just maybe the Head of Planning will be demoted to the post of Minerals Officer so that he can actually have knowledge of the job he was supposed to oversee.
Got a feeling someone at East Ayrshire Council is looking out a big brush and pail of whitewash and all the posturing by the Chief Executive regarding investigations is a smoke screen for what is to come.

Circus maxima

Everyone knows the light-touch was enforced by the Councillors and the senior officials.....I wonder if they have been spraying themselves in Teflon?

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