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Circus maxima

About a year and a half before their collapse...ATH told the stock exchanged that they had managed to reduce their production costs.....round about the time they stopped restoration works. Strange coincidence?

Steve Leary

Rob is doing a great job in reporting on the scandal that these unrestored opencast mines represent and keeping us informed of what has happened in the past and why it may happen again in the future.

Although at present this is a Scottish story, it has ramifications for the rest of the UK. Opencast coal mining occurs in England and Wales as well. What has happened in Scotland may just be the precursor of what might happen in those countries as well, when the supply of domestically produced coal exceeds our capacity to burn it.

Research being undertaken for the Loose Anti Opencast Network, an umbrella group representing 26 groups campaigning against opencast coal sites in the UK and Northern Ireland, think that, with the closure of polluting coal fired power stations because they are too poisonous, this will be sooner than people think. When that happens, what then happens to the opencast sites when there is no domestic coal market. I dread to think.

The Loose Anti Opencast Network will be publishing its findings after Christmas. Anyone who wants a copy should contact and ask to be sent a copy of the research.

Steve Leary, Co-ordinator, The Loose Anti Opencast Network.

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