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Aubrey Manning

For some, 'grouse moors' are just that - the aim is to increase this bird to the maximum. Now the grouse producers have to recognise that it is no longer possible to operate in isolation, the moors are also valued for other things - mountain hares certainly amongst them. Thus I note that Alex Hogg has, of late, been at pains to portray grouse-rearing as biodiversity-friendly and I accept that some aspects sometimes may be. However he doth protest too much methinks when he seems to enlist the gamekeepers as agents of the NHS in that by culling hares they are protecting we humans from the mortal dangers of louping-ill virus. Perhaps I walk more safely on my local moors but I do miss the hares and I reckon I can spot a fatuous argument when I read one.


It's bad enough that animals are culled to prevent the spread of a disease (since the alternative - vaccination is considered to be "not cost effective"). To do so when there is no scientific (or moral) proof to support a cull is simply barbaric. What an utterly, senseless waste of life. They're being killed for the sake of slaughter.


yet again another SNH fail

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