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Ewan Kennedy

It's tragic that there are only two communal schemes running in Scotland, when communal central heating has been in existence elsewhere for decades. We heat our own house with geothermal, using a couple of boreholes in the garden with equipment that has been on sale in Germany for over thirty years, also in common use throughout Scandinavia. It would be much cheaper to put the holes in on a communal basis, as those places often do.

This is simply exploiting what we all learn at primary school, that the centre of the Earth is very hot.

As your article says a problem is transferring the heat once it reaches the surface. The hot water cools very quickly so the heat must be used on site, and old coal mines may not always be in the right place.

Because of the cost neither local authorities, housing association nor private developers will adopt the technology unless forced to do so by planning regs, with or without grant aid. Re the latter there would probably be greater benefits than paying landowners rent for windfarms.

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