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Stan Blackley

I'm sensing neither of you guys have read the full submission that was supplied to Scottish Environment LINK, which deals with many of the issues that you raise - i.e. Scotland having improved representation and influence in Europe and on European legislation, the differences in approach to whether or not an independent Scotland exploits its fossil fuel resources or not, the difference between what we vote for at the referendum in 2014 and what we vote for at the Scottish Parliamentary election in 2016, Scotland taking its place on the world stage and leading by example and learning from others etc. The article above is only a brief summary and explanation of the full submission. do please read it and post your feedback. Thanks.

Stan Blackley
Yes Scotland


I would like to think this is true, but an independent Scotland will effectively be an oil state. The record of such nations for the environment is not good. Norway is perhaps the only exception, and even then it is drifting increasingly in the wrong direction. Furthermore, Scotland's renewable energy potential will probably only be realised as part of a unified market with the rUK... the land and wildlife issues are already devolved... I am not sure this is a convincing argument I'm afraid..

Circus maxima

Although the Nationalists have been abysmal for the environment, I suppose that their views might not persist in an independent Scotland. The factor has already been mentioned...our ecosystems do not recognise boundaries and need to be considered on a much bigger scale thane even that of the UK. The EU scale is probably a much better perspective and as said above they already set the standards (which our current politicians ignore). In short Blackleys view of the environment and its management will lead to fragmentation and failure.


Ooops......what Mr Blackly must have forgotten to tell everyone reading this is that the vast majority of our environmental legislation is dictated by Europe.......the main ones being the EU Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive. They are pretty stringent and cant see how Indy can step beyond these. In actual fact in some ares of the environment the Scottish Gov is already way ahead of England, Wales and NI in terms of regulating agriculture.......again cant see how indy would provide the platform to tighten it all further.

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