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dave dick

Deaths of fish calculated in millions [..a high health status?] but industry productivity calculated in many tonnes is a million fish, please?

Lets not forget the damage these farms continue to cause to our natural stocks of salmon and sea trout...or is that SNH's preserve?..although given SNH's appeasement of our raptor killers on upland estates, I wouldnt expect too much from that quarter either.

We need to return to the old days of NCC when science and politics were kept separate..until they were destroyed by another tory government.

Roc Sandford

Sadly it may be too late to save SEPA - probably our best bet is to close it down and start again with a body genuinely independent of the Scottish Goverment.

Suzanne Kelly

SEPA is not fit for any of its duties; it is interesting to compare it with its American counterpart, the EPA. The EPA aggressively investigates pollutors, ensures they are fined/prosecuted. They can find companies polluting the Mississippi. SEPA operate in Torry, Aberdeen, and have had a decade to determine which companies pollute the East Tullos Burn, a stone's throw from their front door. They've written to me in the past, saying it's impossible to figure this out. Let's not forget the cruelty involved in these fish farms (the sea lice burrow into the salmon, often through to the bone); the lack of space the poor fish get to move in, the stressful, unnatural conditions they suffer in. If that doesn't bother anyone, then there is the question mark hanging over the human health aspects of eating this chemically-pumped farmed fish product. SEPA - thank you for nothing at all

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