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Very descriptive post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

Alexander Lough

I have sent pictures of this to the Scottish Parliament,Claudia Beamish MSP for south scotland. i waited a few weeks for a reply from her,i did and she had consulted SEPA,THEY CONVINCED HER THAT EVERYTHING WAS ALRIGHT AT BELHAVEN,they assured her that they are monitering the river all the time.That is a lie,they always appear when the river is clear,which isn't very often,they are covering the whole thing up.

Alexander Lough

Raw sewage on pitches.
This was in the Berwickshire News on Thursday 5th,September 5th 2013
Dunbar rugby club have complained about flooding and raw sewage at the Hallhill healthy living centre Dunbar
Transportation and Scottish Water are aware of the issues which they say are related to insufficient drainage and sewage capacity with which Belton Ford sewage treatment plant cant cope,they are discharging the sewage into the river that runs to sea at Belhaven,the river is known as the BIEL BURN.i HAVE THIS ON CAMERA TIMED AND DATED.

Suzanne Kelly

I find this list has a number of serious omissions; SEPA seems to play a bit loose with the rules. For one thing, if it has rated fish farms as 'excellent' then it's clearly ignoring many of the major pollution/environmental issues that are documented. What about Blackdog, Aberdenshire - widely used as a dumping ground by the air force among others. Radioactivity is an issue which doesn't get much look in, either. SEPA's headquarters are in Torry, Aberdeen - a five minute walk from one of the most polluted burns in the country, East Tullos Burn. I've been among those who've campaigned for a clean up / prosecutions against those who pollute it, SEPA usually don't answer my queries, submitted by their online contact form or by their telephone service - but when they have, they've stated 'it's too difficult to figure out what companies are polluting' this tiny burn. By contrast the USA's Environmental Pollution Agency manages to figure out who pollutes vast rivers, and fines people heavily for doing so. Then there was the little matter of Stewart Milne homes and a pollution incident in the highlands - I'll see if that made their list or if any fine was meted out. If they started enforcing their remit, fining polluters, and stopped being political about what they do and more to the point don't do, we'd all be better off.

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