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Circus maxima

Its about time that the Scottish Government gave us back a Planning System that we can trust. Big developers seem to do whatever they want and expect to get away with it. Planning Officials do not have the resources to monitor every inch of these developments and as a result bad things happen. look at the mining disaster across central Scotland...nobody seems to know or care what the mining companies were up to.
We need a planning system that truly respects our environment and gives us all certainty. The new system is a joke.

Martha Mawson

I'm confused. If Trump raised the bunds before lowering them again, are they, in fact, lowered to the height required by the Council, or has he kept them at the same height they were prior to him raising them again? I seriously think that by the time all is said and done, he will simply lose interest and move on, as he has on numerous other occasions from projects all over the world.

Julian Baker

What George Sorial of the Trump organisation omits to mention is that the revised plans should have been submitted by 13 July 2013 (they had not been), and work on lowering of both of the bunds should have been completed by 13 August (again not fully completed). Planning Application APP/2012/2342, and Council Decision 9775707 refer.

This suggests a contempt for the planning process which has been in existence long before Donald Trump commenced his "Great Dunes of Scotland" project, and a process that the vast majority of Scots follow religiously because of the potential consequences of not doing so.

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