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David Birkett

I wonder if anyone has told "The Donald" that Aberdeen City Council is a 25% stakeholder in the Wind Farm Project?

JT Gillespie

Kudos to Ford!
i would now be querying:
What's in it for them...?
Why attempt to go to such lengths to protect Trump?

Alex Beach

Democracy? More a Trumpocracy from what I have heard and seen.

del smith

Trump has his money, his swagger and his poodles in the town hall. We have Ford, more power to him.

Bob Smith

I despair. Here we have Aberdeenshire Council which puts itself forward as a bastion of democracy yet has proved time and again to be the exact opposite when it comes to dealing with anything to do with Trump. They consistently have refused to stand up to him. Shit scared is how I would describe them with a few notable exceptions. I have heard one notable Aberdonian describe them as lackies lacking backbone.

Carol Croft

Wonder what's going to happen to the application for retrospective planning permission for the monstrosity of a fountain in front of Macleod House?
Or shouldn't I mention that it has been built in contravention of clear planning specifications?


Anyone who has not seen the documentary,you've been trumped,I urge them to do so.I totally agree with Martin Ford,expose those who are abusing their positions.Trump is a bullying tyrant.

Suzanne Kelly

I'll be asking the Chief Exec to list all the instances in which council premises were used for interviews with prior permission. I'll be asking where it is written such permission must be sought first. Don't they know how bad they are making themselves look? As far as I can determine (and I've been in correspondence with the council for some time) they refuse to uphold laws on outdoor access; they have allowed works to take place which were not as to the agreed permission; they take little interest in the environmental issues - but they are calling Ford to account for giving an interview. There will be more revelations coming in the near future about the behaviour of at least one pro-trump member of this council. The shire council had better leave Ford alone, and start getting their own house in order.

Linda reed

Never thought of myself as political but like any self respecting person I am against bullying of any kind and especially of the 'free' media, also, lies in planning applications and destruction of Scotland's beautiful landscape. This is a supposed free country and Martin Ford made a stand and he has suffered for it. Shame on all those who brought this about.

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