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Nick Boyer

Mr Dawson is quite correct in suggesting that Potassium Iodine pills are better taken before exposure, however accidents or sabotage are rarely scheduled in advance. In order to achieve protection they need to be taken within 4 hours of exposure - note, not 4 hours from the incident - and the distribution problem is always going to exist. I confess to being a little surprised at the modest quantity that is held locally, but the point is that there would almost never be a need for EVERYONE within 30km to have the medication. It will depend very much on prevailing weather & wind direction, there will be a typical fallout plume and there should be a pretty fair estimate of that within 60 minutes of an incident.

I suppose the one thing that alarms me slightly is the concept that the only people who can provide protection are government or medical services. If you are concerned about possible effects, and it's quite legitimate to have some level of concern, then the answer is simple - buy some tablets. Go to Amazon, enter Potassium Iodine or Anti-Radiation Tablets and you'll get a whole selection. All very cheap - for example 60 tablets, 170mg dose costs less than 10 US Dollars. Most have a shelf life of 6 to 9 years. Buy some more at the end of the shelf life. You'll now be as protected as you can get with the added bonus of not having to rely on official, and possibly time-consuming, distribution channels.

The whole exercise will cost not much more than a prescription and you'll feel much more secure. I live close to Sizewell and whilst I don't feel it's much of a threat I've got a bottle in my first aid kit.


And how many people have been killed by radiation poisoning in Scotland so far?
I reckon it's somewhere close to zero.
This post of yours is alarmist twaddle

Fred Dawson

The important thing is that the stable Iodine pills are most effective if taken before exposure to radioactive Iodine. My concern is that if held centrally there would be insufficient time to distribute the pills to those exposed to radioactive Iodine. I also suspect that there would be a high demand from those outside the distribution zone to be provided with the pills as well.

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