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My reading of the DNSR assessment of the exercise which is posted elsewhere on Rob's website is that one of the main reasons that MoD was not in a position to provide advice to civil authorities was that the warhead convoy operating procedures had been changed sometime before the exercise.

Whereas previously the Military Co-ordinating Authority Liaison Officer who responds to the accident would have provided such advice, his role is now to stay with the convoy at the accident site in his designated rile as custodian of the nuclear weapon. The result is that there is now no-one designated to provide advice to the civil emergency authorities at the local level.

To a cynic, it appears that the Ministry of Defence has placed the security of its weapon above the safety and protection of the public.

Derek Golding

This exercise was carried out within 35 miles of a centre for expertise for dealing with nuclear events (reactor and transport (weapons & SNM)), HMNB Clyde, and yet they were not brought forward to assist or provide knowledge except as follow-on-forces (i.e. after the core team had been activated). All convoy events are dealt with from Abbey Wood and Aldermaston hence the delays in providing on-the-ground advice.
Every MoD Health Physicist and nuclear engineer is trained to contribute to such events, some tested more often than others. At Clyde, whilst some recent exercises have shown shortfalls the knowledge base is sound and the population of HPs and Nuclear Engineers capable of giving Emergency Services and Local Authorities good solid advice to protect the public. HMNB Clyde has a duty Military Coordinating Authority at instant recall and full supporting capability to assist and advise into the public sector; the question has to be begged "why wait for Abbey Wood to respond?"

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