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Alexander Lough

Nothing has changed on our beaches,im still taking pictures,the local environment dept in Haddington are aware i have sent pictures to them.
I also sent some to Holyrood,they haven't replied to me yet,i have noticed that Scottish Water and SEPA are at Belhaven more often than usual,so its possible my pictures have made them take action,although they haven't replied to me.


I find this all a little underhand , i am glad that they have been found out . It is good to see that they are taking action to change all of this. We should know what we are swimming in

Alexander Lough

I have been watching this for five years now,the whole coast from SKATERAW and Barns Ness,i have pictures showing the result of the pollution on these beaches,millions of shellfish lying on the sand dead,some parts of the beach the rocks are barren,no seaweed growing,LIMPETS lying up side down on the rocks where they were.
One day i walked with two friends along the tidal mark,then we noticed fish jumping out of the sea onto the beach stranded,we threw as many back to sea as we could,then we noticed the SANDHOPPERS jumping onto the sand dying,they lay there for days and there was a stretch 3 feet wide along the half mile sandy beach.

I contacted SEPA and our local environment dept in East Lothian Council,SEPA came and took samples we never heard anything about this

Alexander Lough

I could send you pictures of the beach at Belhaven,they show the surfers swimming while the sea is filthy with effluence.
There are pictures of the scum washing down the river with the ebb tide and pictures of the same scum washing back up the river with the flood tide,these are timed and dated.

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