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dave dick

No response from Daye Tucker to Ronnies factual response then?

see.. same committee as the Earl of Hopetoun who doesnt appear to have told her about the recent criminal history of Leadhills Estate..??

Ronnie Graham

Hi Daye,
1) Yes, the lease is in the PD and it could be terminated for breach of wildlife and countryside act.
Also more information here.
2)Yes, Leadhills keeper Lewis Witham was convicted for laying poison bait in April 2009, see here.
Another gamekeeper was convicted of shooting a short eared owl in May 2004. see here.
There have also been several cases of poison and poisoned raptors being found on the estate, in vehicles and game bags etc. See here for the most recent 45 incidents (yes forty five)
"A breathtaking assumption" Well Daye, everyone I have spoken to about this event and the Hopetoun/Leadhills connection has been quite shocked by the fact that the RSPB have decided to hold their annual Birdfair in the back garden of the owner of the most persecuted grousemoor in Scotland.
I suppose it's rather like holding a meeting about children's safety and welfare in property owned by Jimmy Savile. Quite obscene.

Daye Tucker

“I’m just furious at the RSPB’s blatant disregard for their members’ and general public opinion",

Whilst empathising with the opinion of Raptor Study Groups who's passion is birds of prey, this is a breathtaking assumption about member's and public opinion from Ronnie Graham.

Daye Tucker

Has Andy Wightman put into the public domain the evidence that the estate could terminate the lease? Has the lessee or their employees ever been found guilty in court of committing a wildlife crime?

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