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Claudette Bethune

Given the circus around horse meat in the UK right now, you can just imagine how fish offal is utilized to recycle persistent organic pollutants like dioxins, PCBs, flame retardants, and pesticides in our food chain. Feeding carnivorous fish like salmon forage fish at 3 kg in to 1 kg out (or more) and their own concentrated and bioaccumulated contaminants is not 'sustainable', no matter what the farm shareholder brochure states.

Then there is the spread of the viral diseases (harder to manage than bacterial or parasitic ones) by consumers down the sink and into their local environment. How wild fish species manage this new route of contagion, as well as how we manage ourselves with possible zoonosis is concerning. Much of the fish farm waste from disease is sent off to compost, where the temperatures are not sufficient to breakdown dioxins, dioxin-like PCBs, and many flame retardants, so we are placing contaminated fertilizer right in our own gardens.

The Scottish Government indicates:

-Reduction to fish meal and fish oil: conversion to a marketable commodity
-Direct consumption: utilisation by zoo and circus animals, hounds, maggot and worm (for use as bait) farming

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