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Farley Bowers

That these Tories are happy to be part of a massive subsidy grab simply indicates that they are just as unconcerned as other landowners and 'developers' about the environmental damage (to birds and bats, in the main) and the social injustices of a system of turbine introduction that forks out massive sums of money to rich landowners at the expense of ordinary electricity consumers.

What is surprising is that anyone on the supposedly 'green' side of the argument would support the current wind turbine policy in Scotland when it is environmentally damaging and socially unjust. Might it not be that this is yet another symptom of what Murray Bookchin called "a dismal retreat into ideological obscurantism and a 'mainstream politics' that acquires' power' and 'effectiveness' by following the very stream it should be seeking to divert"?

Where is the story about the birds? The Spanish Ornithological /Society, after conducting the first independent survey of bird and bat mortality in Spain, estimated that between 6 and 18 million birds and bats are killed / annum as a result of operating spain's 18,000 turbines. No point in saying domestic cats kill more birds etc - turbines kill raptors and migrating birds as well, threatening extinction of e.g. eagles, vultures etc worldwide. Besides, which, we should be doing all we can NOT to kill birds, rather than excusing future slaughter by pointing to present ills.

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