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Eric McVicar

Jenny Scobie is totaly correct in viewing any link with fish farming is supping with the devil. The Scottish government tries to appear 'Green and Eco-friendly' at the same time supporting an industry that is not only devastating our wild salmonid stocks but which operates by plundering marine species accross the oceans to feed their disease ridden product. Using four tonnes of marine protein to produce one tonne of farmed salmon is unsustainable and has serious consequences throughout the whole marine food web. The Norwegians overfished cappelin in the 1980s and caused a collapes of the Barents Sea cod. Now they are exploiting Anchovetta in the Pacific. The red herring on using vegetable protein is equally as bad as the areas used to produce the required soya could be feeding starving children in Africa. Maybe we should be campaigning for farmed salmon to be labelled 'Your farmed salmon is starving children in Africa and Penguins in the Pacific.'

Eric McVicar

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