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The important detail in the article is that ARMED submarines would not be allowed to dock at Devonport.The fleet based on the Clyde disarm at Coulport then travel round to Faslane and dock at their own jetty.This whole base can easily be seen from the large car park on what used to be the contractors road,now a public highway,overlooking the Faslane base.The facts are that the Vanguard fleet redeployment to Devonport can take place.The facility at Coulport that allows the nuclear weapons to be taken from the vessels is the large concrete floating dock.This was built elsewhere and floated into position by tugs.All that has to happen is that a suitable shore side cliff face is located,possibly the White Cliffs of Dover or similiar,roads are driven into the hill side,as at Coulport,and the large concrete jetty is taken by tugs from Coulport to the new facility.The submarines can then return from patrol, hopefully missing any shingle banks,offload their weapons inside the concrete jetty for the weapons to be then transported inside the hill or mountain and the submarines to then dock at Devonport.

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