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The same attitude of cavalier disregard for safety is being allowed by Magnox Ltd, who are decommissioning the Hinkley Point A station. The regulators are complicit in refusing to order the re-sealing of the Magnox reactors where vents were installed in 2006. Not only tritium which crosses the placenta causing perinatal mortality and birth defects but there are also hugely increased amounts of caesium 137 which embeds in human muscle, including the heart muscle causing the huge increases in cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, strokes and brain tumours. The Environment Agency RIFE 16 and RIFE 17 reports show a tenfold increase in marine radiation samples all along the Somerset coast from Kilve to Weston-super-Mare. Still the regulators take no action. Unless they are stopped, Magnox Ltd intend to open up the Intermediate Level Waste Vaulst at Hinkley, re-process the contents on site and re-store them on site indefinitely. This is to maximise profits and speed up putting the site into 'care and maintenance'. We still have a choice; the regulators have the authority to put public safety first. We need politicians to act now and resist the pro nuclear lobbyists embeded throughout Whitehall and Westminster.

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