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The evidence is there for all to see, I have proof that soil and vegetation samples were taken in UK after Chernobyl.
People were not informed about the contamination.
I have government Documents that identify early death and ICRP dose model as meaningless.

The evidence is there and we still are poisoned by this lawless situation


If the Health Protection Agency, the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency had done what taxpayers are paying them to do, it would not be necessary for NGOs and activists to try to stop the current high levels of poisonous radioactive gases from the Hinkley Point site. Somerset Health Authority published their paper 'Incidence of Leukaemia in young People in the Vicinity of Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station 1959-1986' in the British Medical Journal in 1989. The South West Public Health Observatory's Infant and Perinatal Mortality Briefing records an unprecedented increase in perinatal mortality since 2006, following the installation of vents into the cores of the Hinkley A Magnox reactors. Second and third generations of Somerset children are suffering from heritable genetic mutations caused by their parents' exposure to tritium. If the decommissioning contract for Hinkley Point is not changed, discharges from the Intermediate Level Waste Vaults will cause yet another increase in fatalities all along Somerset coastal communities. The discredited ICRP risk model is still the basis for licensing nuclear sites; it must be changed to the ECRR risk model. That's why NGOs and activists are getting desperate; the police should be supporting them, not harrassing them. Has anyone checked the health records of police stationed at UK nuclear sites?

Toby Hall

It is common sense that logically minded decent people would object to the expansion of the UK's Nuclear industry, as it has been proven several times that these
facilities cause increased canters >

They are the most expensive and dangerous way to boil water to turn turbines to generate electricity.

They would not be in business but for massive tax payer funds.

The cost of storing the lethal waste they produce is inestimable.

The multi generational genetic damage they cause is irreversible.

Under EU law 'The precautionary principle' they should banned.

The industry was developed as a means for killing people and causes widespread genetic damage.
There is no sane justification the continuation or expansion of this evil Nu-killer business.

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