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Paramjit Bahia

Having known Brian Burnell for few decades, I can confirm that his 100% commitment to facts based arguments against dangers of adopting nuclear path to destruction by our governments of all verities is admirable. Because he is no body’s stooge many have abused his trust and lot his hard work has gone down the drains of dodgy politicians like John Denham.

In early 1980s Brian wrote a booklet on nuclear weapons. His local Labour Party of Southampton exploited his hard work and research by printing that under the name of John Denham, who those days having moved into Labour from some other right wing party used to pretend on the left of hard left. But then in government while building his political career by poodling for Blair and Brown became even more of NuLabourite than both of them and Mandelson put together, and went to support waste of public money of Trident while implementing Tory philosophy of cuts and privatisation of even our NHS.

Although I am not surprised that Brian as found even more secret dirt buried in archives yet again. Sincerely hope his efforts will not get exploited this time, but will be used for informing people about hypocrisy of people in power and very serious problem of nuclear waste.

I do not think English dominated British establishment is ever going to listen to likes of Brian and others who very rightly keep on warning the world about dangers of nuclear developments. Although the people in power may decide to treat them the same way they are dealing with Julian Assange, for having the cheek to expose nasty secrets of various governments especially the USA.

Big business interests which tend use self serving political classes all over the globe; want to mint mega money by selling super dangerous nuclear creations either in the shape of weaponry or by misguiding both war mongering tyrants and gullible governments by convincing them with false propaganda that to go nuclear is environmentally friendly method for producing electric.

These people are so evil that they could easily make monster of Frankenstein candidate for Sainthood. Otherwise we the people of this planet won’t simply be talking about few submarines of former master of America and now USA’s de facto slave otherwise called Great Britain, which in reality these days is virtually Bankrupt Britain, but collection of nuclear waste of Himalayan proportions.

Finally sane people who care about our planet Earth should appreciate and support sites like this, which are brave and honest enough and are trying to wake the masses up.

Paramjit Bahia
Former General Secretary of British Indian Councillors Association (UK)

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