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Insulation is becoming more difficult because the easy houses have already been done. The big need is for solid wall insulation but this requires partial house rewires and redecoration. Nobody is going to get into that unless there are significant incentives.

Measuring Scotlan's carbon footprint is very difficult. The governments figures do not take account of offshoring (overseas manufacturing).

My own personal view is that the 42% is achievable if everyone does their bit at a personal level. Legislation is not the answer, behaviour change at an individual level is. When I look at my flat complex of about 30 flats there are only three or four people who use the recycling bins. That is the level of the problem.

Dave du Feu

It has been obvious for years that the Scottish Govt is interested in environmental issues if and only if they co-incide with economic growth. Hence the govt is putting a lot of effort into renewables but they are hardly even inching forwards on house insulation whilst on transport they are moving backwards - boosting road capacity and actually cutting the minuscule sums invested in cycling and walking - and it would have been even worse without the massive budget campaign mounted last autumn by the likes of Spokes, SCCS, Transform and WWF...

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