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What is the Scottish government's stand on the Menie issue. Alex Salmond is keeipng quiet while Northern Constabulary and others take some stick. Speak up Alex. Let the voters know where you stand. We like open govt. and honesty in Scottish politics. Sort Trump out now. It is our country!


It's almost as if Donald Trump has no conviction or honesty in what he says - other than that it might be useful to achieve his sole goal of making more money for himself.

Brian C Pope

You are probably quite correct - Donald Trump has unfortunately been dominating the headlines for days if not weeks. I believe his outburst on wind turbines is short-sighted and does not take account of the technological development process that made his own country so prosperous.

Did George Stephenson listen to his critics in 1829 when they said his new Rocket steam locomotive was noisy, slow, visually obtrusive and inefficient? Maybe another case of ‘Recessionary Slumber’, as I have defined in my blog.

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