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Rob Edwards

You could try asking Annington Homes, whom I'm told took over Stirling Lines from the Ministry of Defence.

Mark Amies-Gardner

I actually live on the old Sterling lines now, along with a few hundred other people... This is a bit of a shock! There any way to find more information out about this?

David Swan

there are 2 world war sites in East Lothian 1 at East Fortune and 1 at Drem that have had activity in the past to, one wonders could there be contamination here to. There were spitfire and other fighters based there and there were repair work done on them to.!!?

Rob Edwards

I have heard stories about this. Have you got any further information you could email to [email protected]?

Alan Johnston

Dear sir,
are you aware of the degree of contamination our American friends left in the Holy Loch on their departure.We were informed that it was safe as long as it remained undisturbed.For the last few months there has been an enormous amount of excavation work going on below the high water mark. No sign of any monitoring at all being carried out.

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