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Alexander Lough,

East Lothian was once a very active volcanic region,take the BASS ROCK as one example,we are surrounded by evidence of it.
The whole of central Scotland and Northern Ireland were part of a chain of active volcanos.
The pacific ocean is alive today with volcanic activity,and Iceland.
The USA knows only to well and are aware that they could react at anytime.
We should not be so complacent, don't tempt fate.

David Swan

This is a misconception - the power station at Dunbar, when I worked at the station with a company called Coal brand protection systems the material that was being used to inject into cracks in the concrete was to withstand earth-quacks to 7.5 on the R.scale. This will not happen. When I was using the chemical called CXL.600 that was used throughout the station was inferior and will not do what was made out to do the, chemical CXL.600. Was stored in a container on site with a heating system in it to keep the reasons for the job at a steady temperature. This was not the case it was winter time and it was frosty, the heating in the container was not working and the material was frosted and was no use. I reported it to a number of people including the MP for East Lothian Home Robertson, the next thing I was fired and was threatened with my life, and told to shut my mouth or I would be dealt with. So it is up to you. The samples that I took were inferior and shattered with no effort so it will not withstand what they say so help me God is the truth.

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