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Alexander Lough,

I wouldn't belive a word SEPA say,i have it in print that they gave the green light to dump 8 trucks per day of untreated sewage from the Edinburgh City Council into the landfill site at OXWELLMAINS near Dunbar.
People were horrified to learn that there was no special licence required.
This happened in the year 1999 and went on for 2 years,our village of INNERWICK suffered from the disgusting stench coming from the site we never rally knew until years later.
During that time we had fly infestations, rats in our back garden.
How would anyone like this on their doorstep.
I reported these incidents to SEPA and our environment dept in HADDINGTON,I HAVE THIS ALL WRITTEN DOWN TIMES AND DATES.

David Swan

SEPA are the (South East Pollution Agency)They have lied for so long, they cant stop now. they are more interested in protecting the large company's from prosecution. what's in it fore them to allow a breach of an environmental law, and commit crime? we have it in Dunbar to.

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