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Oliver Tickell

I actually have read this entire article - and a very fascinating account it is too. Thanks Rob for pursuing this and other FOI requests so diligently and assiduously and with such perseverence. I'm glad, on your behalf and that of every UK citizen, that you have done this and succeeded in getting your articles out in the UK media!

Varrie Blowers

Sorry, no time to read the whole artice at the moment. The reality about nuclear waste dumps is that there will be several around the country - at all the sites which currently have nuclear power stations. This includes Bradwell in Essex where the power station, as I am sure you know, is currently being decommissioned. It is not even known how to dispose of the graphite core. The site is now an intermediate and low-level radioactive waste dump. There is nowhere else for it to go and a national repository will not be available until the middle of the next century, if it ever materialises. So the local communities, without a by-your-leave, have had these long-term dumps imposed on them. At Sizewell, the highly radioactive spent fuel is already being stored on site (it is reckoned that this spent fuel is similar to that that will be produced by a new generation of nuclear power stations). It is most unfortunate that the national media do not seem at all interested in what is happening at local level. The Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group, of which I am Secretary, even collected 10,000 signatures face-to-face for a Petition against new nuclear development at Bradwell (handed to Charles Hendry, Energy Minister in February.) We have also submitted 13 responses so far to government nuclear consultations - all well-informed and comprehensive. That's because we are lucky in having a Chair who knows what he is talking about when it comes to nuclear issues. I shall e-mail you our latest response (on radioactive waste storage).

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