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Carol Train

I would like to hear from other families affected by cancers which they believe could be caused by exposure to the radiation on the beach etc at Dalgety Bay, three members of my own family have cancer and played on the beach as children

Carol Train

I would like to hear from any one who has had an incidence of cancer in their family who believe it may be caused by exposure to radiation on Dalgetty beach, my own family has three people who have this connection and we are looking to talk to folks in the same position.

David Swan

have a look at what sepa don't do for you.

David Swan

don't worry' we across the water at Dunbar have Torness nuclear power station, that have had more that 40 radioactive realises that SEPA never told the people in and around the plant, our foreshore in parts is dead but sepa say there is nothing wrong, we need a new watchdog for our health and safety, sepa are in the pocket of the polluters and do nothing to bring them to justices they are a government quango that toe the line.

Fred Dawson

The MoD insisted that it took safety very seriously. “We have yet to see the latest findings from Sepa,” said a ministry spokeswoman. “Should significant risks present themselves then Sepa has the necessary statutory powers to address these.”

This shows how the MOD is washing its hand of this issue and leaving it to others to clean up, so much for MOD saying it takes safety seriously

Denise Morton

The nuclear industry has never been safe and never will be.We're stuck with the waste forever. Thank you for reporting and thank you Sunday Herald for carrying your reports.

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