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jeremy Goodwin

The Scottish Rural Property and Business Association has being doing more damage to the Scottish ecosystem than a herd of woolly mammoths.
Any time you plant monoculture forest, farm to the edge of streams and ignore the necessity of varied habitats to maximize biodiversity, you are definitely not helping.
Yes, beavers do cut down trees, but the natural bankside species are prone to coppice or even sprout from fallen trunks, increasing the supply of what the SRP&B seems to think most precious, food for deer. The increase in insect life in the beaver ponds provides shelter and resting places for salmonids (trout, salmon and relations) especially their young. A series of dams on a stream radically effects the water flow, dropping silt out, regulating temperature, and maintaining flow during drought, while reducing erosion and downstream flooding in heavy weather.
If the SNH and the SRP&BA would actually measure the effects of the wild beavers, rather than dismissing them, maybe they would learn something from them, certainly more than they will learn from the tragically flawed trial at Knapdale, a place without any salmon at all.
Just a final thought. Aren't scientists meant to measure, record and then conclude? All I have read from the SNH is that the Tay beavers do not have permission to live, therefore they should be killed.

David Swan

I think that man needs to take a good look at one's self and give themselves a good shake, and admit to the fact that they are destroying the world we live in, not just fore us but for every thing that lives in the land, our air,land and rivers along with the wild habitat of Animals and natural beauty, that we promote to the world. It is dun in the name of greed and ignorance by a bunch of blackguards that say that they one the land, and ignorance in government.

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