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Fr. Peter

Industrially farmed chickens – industrially farmed pigs – industrially farmed milking cows all needing drugs, including antibiotics like penicillin and, we also have industrially farmed fish.

The estimates for the US are that 50% to 80 % all antimicrobials are not used by doctors to treat sick people or animals but are added to farm animal feed, mostly in sub therapeutic dosages. Public health researchers are convinced that this non therapeutic use is building dangerous genetic reservoirs of resistance. If they are right, industrial agriculture is fostering and dispersing drug-resistant bacteria that impair medicine's ability to protect the public from them.

Industrially farmed fish; OK, I am not fully up to speed here Rob, are these treated with medication to control Sea Lice, because if they are the medication will be present in and spread by their faeces.

The part of your post that concerned me most was the Phil Thomas comment “If you release audit information that contains any error, there is every prospect that a company will seek legal redress.”

Sounds like bullying to me...

caroline McManus

What better a time to stop eating fish

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