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Warren Peters

Go AmeriKKKa go, expand, expand, expand. One day soon you will desintegrate. Same was happening to all other empires all lasting around 340 years. Including you UK still unable to realize it is sinking even deeper still

Gerald Sills

I would like for the United States to withdraw it's forces from around the world, and let the other nations solve their own damn problems. We are not the caretaker for these malcontents, so let them defend themselves. Europeans and third world nations neglect the simple fact that the United States is fighting wars for the United Nations, as we have not declared war since World War Two. I think the Nanny State existence in Europe had destroyed the ability of it's people to think clearly. The United States has saved you from every stupid move you have made, except one: your creation of a Communist Socialist nightmare, which is now threatening the very source of your protection. Don't blame the United States for the failure of your criminal leaders and royalty. You bred these losers, now get rid of them on your own. Oh wait! In ignorance or cowardice, you gave away your ability to defend yourselves. Would you like to borrow our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Our Communists don't wish to use it.

Chris Anderson

If the FCO is naiive enough to believe anything the Americans say that is their problem. Get them out of Diego Garcia, repatriate the indigents who were cynically displaced, with compensation. Get the Americans out of Yemen and Ethiopia and Somalia before they blockade the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia. Return all Americans to the USA then build a wall round it to keep them there. We have repaired the world once after the Americans were let loose. I do not want to do it again. Complete the exercise by
getting rid of the Israel Lobby in UK. They are a bigger menace than the Americans.When that is done remind the Americans they are still a British colony.


Stop callinG TORTURE 'extraordinary rendition'.

TORTURE is TORTURE is TORTURE no matter the obfuscation of words to detract from truth.

Journalists -.wake up this this Orwellian New Speak.

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