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John Rhead

It is not only SNH staff that have lost faith in the organisation. When SNH were required to comply with the European Birds Directive they wished to designate the Arran Moors SPA. Unfortunately for them,they and other conservation bodies lacked the data that would facilitate the proposed designation. They came to me for the information and free of charge I allowed them to use my data. The Arran harriers were described by SNH as an internationally important bird population. However, this year is national survey year for Hen Harriers and yet SNH's Chairman has assured me that they cannot afford to pay for such a survey.Changed days or changed attitudes? Maybe the Arran harrier population is not as important as SNH originally insisted. Personally, I doubt it. Courtesy of the Arran islanders it is one of the few persecution free populations in Scotland. I retain my interest even if SNH do not.

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