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mmmmm, imagine the initial discussions.
"Lets build a funicular, no-opne has one and it'll look great in the summer"
"Will it work when it snows?"
"Might do, not sure. But hey, let's take a gamble on losing the main source of winter revenue from the Cairngorms"
"Systems such as chairlifts and gondolas are so old school that no-one uses them"

I was intending to go to Aviemore yesterday, but as the funicular was shut I went to Glencoe instead. My money was lost to the local Aviemore economy, along with numerous other people who I met yesterday. It's a complete joke that the funicular is unable to operate after periods of heavy snow, it's over a week since the last large dump of snow and it's still not operational. Only in Scotland would we allow public money to be spent on a system that doesn't operate in wintery conditions. Did they not consider looking at overseas resorts where high volume chairlifts and gondolas are the preferred method of transport.

Post construction meeting
"Did anyone watch the winter olympics?, didn't their fancy looking chairlift systems do the job."

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