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Ford Aaxle

I take issue with the statement car addiction as if all car users,their families and friends and also work colleages are on some kind of drug.
What planet are you on, had it not been for the invention of motors we would still be in the middle ages-what a thought.The car or rather most of society who purchase cars have been keeping the worlds economy afloat for decades.
If you rephrase addiction and call it freedom then you would be spot on. This is what motors have given people, the opportunity to go on adventures and explore their country/continent and to choose when to do it.There is nothing nor no-one who has ever, or ever will give people the freedom that the motor has.
Scientists have stated that cows farting in the fields are more of a danger to life on our planet than all the cars,boats and planes in use today.
What are you going to do about them....hello are you still there?

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