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Dutch owned Infinergy and the Estate will share an estimated £525 Million over 25 years in public subsidy payments.Infinergy partner Koop Duurzame Energie (KDE) is part of the Koop Group tainted for its role at the centre of a multimillion pound construction industry price fixing scam.
Moran and KDE are basically in bed together to rake as much money as they can out of british government subsidies.

The link to the above photo set of the Cabrach is a study in total dereliction, Moran's legacy to the area.


Building a wind farm often comes down to one thing- who owns the land. In this country we still have the situation where small numbers of very wealthy people own large parts of land. And as far as planning goes, if the landowner wants to build something, then he can if it meets the policies of the local authorities.

So ultimately, if people feel so strongly about what is built on a lot of land, there has to be accountability through taxation. A land value tax would mean the landowner would have be taxed on the value of his land- which if its a wind farm, is quite a lot!

James Mackenzie

The solution to the real problem here looks like community buy-out of the land. But we will need clean energy somewhere, however much Dave Morris may wish to oppose that. I wonder what his views are on nuclear.

Also, tackling climate change is also about being custodians for future generations. You can demolish a wind farm once built, if you don't need it anymore, but you can't just roll back the CO2 from coal plants.

It's a shame there weren't any pro-wind voices in here apart from the company. Ho hum.

David  Swan

The land owners should have the land taken from them.
Why should they have ridiculous amounts of the wealth. It is obscene, they portray themselves as Christians but the large majority of them are ignorant what gives them the right. It is history. They say that there forefathers' swords were longer and sharper. That's how they got the land. Well if that is the case, I will fight them for it now, man to man. The right to the land that belonged to the people that were murdered by their land-grabbing forefathers. Shame on them.

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