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Trump - Oil/Gas - Libya Worldwide food shortage/Land grabbing
The inclusion of land not under the control of the developer in a Planning Application is at least immoral and probably illegal. In any case, it is against the Lisbon Treaty and a catalyst for human rights abuses similar to those suffered by the people who’s homes were in the path of the gas/oil pipe that runs from Azerbaijan through Turkey. The Turkish people were literally bulldozed off their property The compulsory purchase of land for the Trump organisation is against European law.
The Panning Process as it stands today undermines the democratic process in favour of unelected unaccountable entities who manipulate and deceive for gain. It may be no coincidence that “Approved” major controversial Planning Applications in Scotland are so often in Liberal Democrat controlled Councils.
Mr Trump ,on his own, is in no position to fund a billion pound project .He needs foreign investment and Scottish Taxpayers hard earned money. Of course, he will qualify for several European and Scottish Government Grants. Two grants meant for the most impoverished in our society are being targeted to support developments such as the Trump Development.
When it can be shown that Local Councillors are briefed from a higher authority as to how they are to vote on any major Planning Application and they not only do so against the will of the people but illicit letters of recommendation in exchange for jobs then they can no longer be said to represent the people. Indeed the explicit purpose of Community Partnerships negates the necessity of paying individuals(Councillors) to represent there communities at a local level. Community Partnerships silence the voice of the people. The slogan “ more power to Local Authorities” is no more than manipulation of the masses. We elect and pay Local Councillors who are no more than mouthpieces for organization/quangos who for personal and corporate gain agree terms with Investors that are against the Democratic will of the people.
The criteria necessary to become eligible for a European Grant is being exploited by the Community Partnerships in collusion with Scottish Enterprise. Thus impoverishing the worst off in our society in favour of the few.
Read the bankruptcy files on The St Andrews International Golf Club. It shows clearly the beneficiaries of such developments. They are thl Landowners who it would seem got away without paying tax. Mr Blixseth who gained almost £300million
And the Bank Credit Suisse.


In the end the Council will realise their mistake in supporting this nonsense....but Donalds best pal Alex will step in and do the dirty on behalf of the nation....

I can see the headlines....Nationalists in new highland clearances! Eventually the 7:84 will do a play about it ..."The Putter, the Wig and the dodgy, dodgy deal."


Isn't Mike Rumbles getting a bit politically desperate here?

Yes, compulsory purchase isn't very nice but it happens all over Scotland so that we can improve our economy and infrastructure, why should aberdeenshire be any different?

There's a distinct air of 'head in the sand' coming from the council.

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