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Nick Heane

The Consumer Focus Scotland findings demonstrate why it is critical for companies to select reputable manufacturers that can visit twice a year to sanitise their water coolers and change the filters. This is particularly important for care homes where residents are likely to be quite frail and susceptible to the bugs identified in the tests. We know of companies in the water cooler industry that sell machines at a rock bottom price and then sell on the service contract to third parties who have no financial incentive to undertake the servicing. Most companies that I talk to don’t know how often they need to change the filters in their water coolers, so they don't chase up their water cooler supplier and the machine just sits there clogging up. That’s why we carry out our own 6 monthly maintenance visits using WRAS approved Tana Water engineers and supply customers with sanitising wipes for the intervening period. We’ve also recessed our dispenser heads to avoid contact with fingers and installed ultraviolet lamps to kill germs in the water tank, without adding chemicals.

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